25 March, 2006

The Voice of CEJOCEP

Message To The Youth Worldwide.

1. All can be achieved through hard work.

2.Nothing comes on silver platter.

3. Failures are pillars of success.

4. Challenges are ingredient for successful life.

5. Endurance and perseverance are the keys of success.

6. Achievement is always possible.

7. Just get something started.

8. Be determined to achieve it.

9. Dedicate yourself solely to that.

10. Work deligently.

11. Never give up.

12. Success will surely crown you.


*All great men were people who had SOMETHING (time, energy, wisdom, knowledge, etc) sacrificed."

*The time to test a true GENTLEMAN is to observe him when he is in contact with a RACE/BACKGROUND that is less fortunate than his own."

Lawrence & Co - CEJOCEP, Ghana.

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