18 February, 2006

Induction time 18.2.06

Week 2

So the induction course that has been designed by Africatrust includes a whole bunch of wonderful things to introduce us to our new home, and the spirit of the Ghanaians.

The first of our Tourist adventures was spent at Cape Coast Castle, which has the most eerie and dark past of a building that on the outside looks fairly bland and unidentifable, yet it's so steeped in history.

We were given a tour of both Male and Female dungeons and told about the horrific conditions that slaves were kept in during their time their, before being deported to 'the new world.' Probably the most harrowing of the sights was the scratch marks on the walls of the dungeon, and the long walkway to the 'Door of no return.'

We also visited Elmina Castle which is just a bit further up the coast, and has a similar sad story to tell as it was also frequently used during the slave trade as the last place people would be kept before being sold to an uncertain future.


Other places we went to were the Kakum rainforest, which may have been better to visit in the small hours of the morning when all the animals are awake, but still had a fantastic walkway to offer high up in the jungle canopy which held the most fantastic views of nature untouched!
We also visited Hans Cottage Botel, a cafe, hotel and so much more! They have about 10 crocodiles which inhabit the muddy waters below the raised cafe, and a whole bunch of weaver birds intricately making their nests all round the outside.

We have also been lucky enough to have spent time on palm tree lined beaches at Brenu and Coconut Grove. Both as postcard perfect as I could ever imagine. At Cocount Grove is the most sparkling swimming pool, and they even have horses wandering around the grounds with their foals nearby.

Some of these experiences should not be missed if you get the chance to come to Ghana, and yet you feel humbled when approached by people who ask for sponsorship for their football team, (which you can tell doesn't really exist,) or the group of sellers spot you and rush over to sell their plantain chips or water. Although we may be used to going sight-seeing, or a trip to the beach, the average Ghanaian is not, so I feel privalleged to be able to have all these experiences, espescially in the first two weeks.

(written by Lucie)

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