18 February, 2006

Induction nearly over... 18.2.06

Week 2 (more...)

So we have one more day after today before we all set off to Bawdia in the Western Region of Ghana. Our induction has proved to be so much of a holiday for us all it will be difficult to leave familiarity behind. But we musn't lose sight of why we are here.And although we are all completely in love with the village of Kakumudo, and Cape Coast's facilities, the idea of a little tranquility in Bawdia is not so bad.

See the hardest thing is now we have got to know each other so well, so quickly, it will be hard to split into pairs. There is much to be said for two heads being better than one, and as for four heads - that is how we feel truly comfortable and complete.


Coconut Grove has to be the finest place I have ever been to in my life! While sitting there taking in the sunset I realised just how incredibly lucky we are to have this experience, and how as a relaxation period before starting work, it would always provide me with a 'happy place' to go to, should I ever need it. Out comes the sickening Hippy in me (sorry!)

This afternoon we are going to pick up our traditional African clobber that has been tailored for us, and then we are off to a cultural dancing session - provided by the guys from CEJOCEP. We have seen a practice already and it was fantastic, the young boys have so much talent!


Tomorrow is our last Fante Lesson, and we are all going to miss Mr Arthur, who has been kind enough to end every lesson with an Anansie story (Anansie is a cunning spider in African Folklore.)
We have been told that when we reach Bawdia they speak Twi (pronounced 'chwee') and although the two langauges are similar we will have to adjust our teachings all over again!!!

We are visiting the local Ostrich Farm in the afternoon and taking a picnic for lunch, so I will be able to fill you in on that one next time. (Kinda hoping someone else other than me will write an entry by then.)

(written by Lucie)

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